40 Y




$1399* / $98* mo.

*Plus Tax & Shipping should it apply






Top grade, hydro-formed frames are constructed with Aluminum 6061. They complete a 7 step process including painting, cleaning, base primer, 3 coats of paint, and 2 coats of clear sealant. A heat treatment gives extra strength and durability.

The frames are constructed to ensure neat, hidden wiring while still looking classic. Strong, patent-pending, front bracket allows for cargo adaption and basket assembly, while ensuring secure handlebar functions. A sturdy back rack supports the battery and cargo loads.

While most frames are 1.5 mm thick, we double that in most areas to 3 mm for sturdiness.






We use the best motors in the world with top quality neodymium magnets and copper windings.

The 48V battery allows for 1000 watts of power to be delivered to the motor when needed, such as with acceleration and hill climbing with load (up to 250 pounds). The 500w rated motor is excellent for continuous use (normal riding only needs about 200-330 watts).

Motor is expected to last over 18 years.





Battery Y

10.5AH batteries use certified, tested, and internationally approved Samsung or Panasonic cells for safety, reliability, range, and life cycle. See the Contact page for international safety certificates and testing approvals.

We provide 5 year warranty on our batteries. We also provide a 3.5 AMP Aluminum Smart charger that will significantly increase the quality and performance of your battery. For optimal battery maintenance, please charge the battery to full capacity, once every 2 months. This is especially important during months of non-use, to maintain battery life. Disregard for maintaining battery life can negate the warranty coverage.


We only use Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with safety electrical motor disconnect wiring. Due to weather and corrosion we decided against cable actuated brakes as these can rust, decay and eventually snap or fail.

The 180mm rotors come with stainless steel attachment hardware, for extra safety and stopping power.

Easy plug and play wiring for ease of maintenance and replacement.

Kenda K-Rad

Consistently the go to choice for e-bike riders for front and rear usage. K-Rad is always a classic.

Inverted tread design and knurled tread surface are low profile and fast rolling without sacrificing traction


Since e-bikes are heavier, faster and used far more often than regular cruisers, we install double walled, Aluminum 2″ Jetset Rims, suitable for some motor bikes.

Jetset is a premium brand with high quality and safety standards, often over-looked on E-Bikes.

Plug & Play Water Proof Wiring

For ease of replacement, service, and maintenance, we use a unique and patent pending wiring technique. If you ever have an issue with any electrical component, simply unplug it and send it to your agent and we will overnight a replacement part to you which you can plug according to the basic color coding EBC system.


Front & Back Lights

Every EBC bike comes with front and back safety lights. These are efficient and controlled from front control panel.

Front Basket

Premium-designed baskets can support heavy duty loads. They attach directly to our patent-pending headtube, allowing for easy handle bar operation and safety. They are available in black or silver and have integrated lighting system

Stainless Steel Hardware, Headset & Bottom Bracket

To prevent rust and corrosion and promote long life, we use 95% only stainless steel attaching hardware and integrated bearings in our headsets & bottom brackets.

Leather Grips & Seat

Our seat is 300 x 300 x 100mm thick, high density foam, and back bumpers for support and comfort. Our Grips are hand stitched with aluminum secure ends to ensure they do not slip and jam the throttle as on other E-bikes.

Thumb Throttle

We prefer thumb throttles over twist throttles, as we have found twist throttle very dangerous, especially when lifting your bike over curbs and obstacles. Operators often twist the throttle in error which can cause the E-bike to shoot forward and out of control.

LCD Screen with USB Port

A multi level, compact, user friendly screen is equipped with a convenient UBS outlet for charging phones, playing music etc.

Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS)

Pedal assist is the only legal option in many EU countries with no throttle allowed – so we add PAS to all our bikes.


We provide a sturdy, slip resistant yet comfortable pedal with safety reflectors on both sides and integrated bearings for longevity.